Climate change is driving extreme weather that is wrecking people’s lives, homes and communities, and pushing millions deeper into poverty.  

This is not only a climate crisis, but an inequality crisis: those who have contributed the least to climate change are the ones suffering the deepest consequences of global warming.  

The richest one percent of people in the world are responsible for more than twice the carbon pollution as the poorest half of humanity. Yet, unlike the poor, the richest have the means to protect themselves against the worst impacts of climate change.  

The world needs action! We are calling on Canada and other wealthy nations to follow through on their commitment to collectively provide US$100 billion a year in international climate finance.  

Tell Trudeau to show global leadership and get climate finance right.


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Why Climate Finance Matters

Whether it is wildfires and deadly heat on Canada’s West Coast, droughts across Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya, or cyclones in the Pacific, extreme weather events are getting more frequent and severe. Climate-related disasters are forcing 20 million people a year to flee their homes, sometimes never to return.  

Climate finance needs to be urgently distributed to developing countries in the form of grants, not loans, so that they can adapt to climate impacts now without breaking the bank in the future to repay debt.  

Climate finance is a feminist issue. Women in developing countries are losing their livelihoods, being pushed further into poverty and hunger, and are increasingly at risk of violence as they travel further for fuel and water in areas ravaged by drought or severe storms. This is why funding needs to go directly to women’s organizations and youth movements to provide the resources they need for climate adaptation solutions that will protect and strengthen their communities.  

To stop the negative impacts of climate change Canada should: 

  • Speed up the delivery of its existing $5.3 billion climate financing commitment
  • Push other wealthy nations to step up their commitments and accelerate the delivery of their full climate finance pledges
  • Increase grants-based financing for adaptation, and ensure at least 1/2 of climate finance supports adaptation initiatives
  • Ensure climate financing is accessible to women and youth led organizations to support gender responsive climate solutions

People of every generation are standing up to support climate action through strikes, marches and changes to our own lives. It is time for governments to step up and deliver on their climate commitments. 

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