Demand Trudeau gets behind a People's Vaccine now!

As long as COVID-19 exists anywhere in the world, it is a threat everywhere. But, in spite of our shared risk, the world’s richest countries have exercised a “me first” approach to the COVID-19 vaccine – with grave consequences for the world’s poor.

Help us call on Canada to champion a People’s Vaccine – and join the 100+ countries demanding that we put lives before the profits of Big Pharma.  

Right now, we are seeing wealthy countries prepare to roll out booster shots to fully vaccinated people while huge portions of the world have yet to receive a single dose. 

Over the past year, Canada has shown global leadership by investing in COVAX and the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator to help get vaccines to poor countries. Despite good intentions, this charity approach is not enough.  

COVAX doses will only enable 20% vaccine coverage for participating countries, and current trends show it will be 2024 before all people in developing countries can receive a vaccine. The answer is to make vaccines more accessible – we need a People’s Vaccine, not a profit vaccine.

More than 100 countries at the World Trade Organization are leading the charge to waive trade-related intellectual property rights and patents on COVID-19 vaccines and other technologies, through an initiative known as the TRIPS waiver. Canada must actively support this effort.

Sign this petition today and show Trudeau that people across Canada support the TRIPS waiver and believe that everyone, everywhere, deserves to be protected from COVID-19.

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